Know indeed Dear One your Mother  Father God is that wonderful  benevolent parent who is ever beside  thee. He is the still small voice  you hear in times of danger or in times of anguish. He is the consoling and loving voice you hear when you need  reassurance, and that most  blessed  and  beloved friend who is beside thee when you need a  friend to caress thee and to hold your hand. Thus,  Dear One, is the magic which is  the true and most powerful love of God for mankind, made available to the Sons of Men. For in truth, that you are loved  by Mother Father God is no accident. For every day, every minute, and every second of your life,  you are loved with the deepest love imagined or conceptualized, in the mind of Man: For such is the love of God for mankind. Know Dear One  that you are eternally blessed, and eternally adored by your Mother Father God; for such is the nature and beingness of God that you are never alone. Even  when in your hours of pain you would feel separated and  alone, know, Dear One, that you are ever surrounded by the love of God. Only your forgetfulness, when in human  form would make you think you are alone. Know  indeed  Dear One, that you are surrounded at  all times by the love and  light of God, and you are ever cradled in the  loving arms of your Mother Father God..Know  that the love never leaves thee, even though you would forget it is there, made available to thee, and believe yourself alone and deserted. In this time, when you  feel lost and separated, for you have none to call upon thee, and hold and support thee, know  Dear One that you can forever call upon the name of God, and know he is ever with thee. For, he is your Father and would never leave or desert thee.....  FROM: BEYOND THE LIGHT IS THE LOVE OF GOD by Lorna Gallimore


Know Dear One that the Love which is God does not ridicule. It does not envy. It does not hate. It is not Greedy but shares with his brethren. This  love  can be  found anytime as it is within. For to love God is to love self, and to love God is to know self; for Man and God are ONE in that Man is made from the  spark and beingness of God.