Only Man has devised ways to ascribe emotions and actions to God that are not of God! Know we say, God has no need for wealth or palaces, yet Man would ascribe these things as ways to show the magnificence of God and ways to worship God. Know we say, God has no need for things that adorn or would glorify your thoughts of God.

Know we say, when you show LOVE, you demonstrate the actions of LOVE and caring and thus you do show your LOVE for God. When you open your your hearts to those in need, who walk the earth in search of food and shelter, thus do you glorify God and pay homage to the true nature of God! For God asks not to be worshipped nor for you to rob the poor in order to give baubles and trinkets to God. For these things are not required by God. All that is required is that with love, peace, joy and compassion in your hearts, you take care of your brethren and you  give to those in need. For in giving, you are showing love for God. For in Loving, you show love for God. These are the only things God would have you do to truly demonstrate your love for God.                      

The Brotherhood of Light