Know that the  love of God for mankind is  daily seen in all the  blessings heaped upon mankind.This great gift is seen in  all  the magnificence and splendor of the joys of nature. For indeed,  since the Children of Men are the chosen of God it is indeed right that these treasured blessings are given to them. Know Dear  Ones that the  Children of Men see not these  blessings for they walk the Earth with eyes cast downward and thus they daily miss the magnificence of the sunrise and the sunsets, they see not the  beauty of the rose or the trees that bow in majesty as they pass by, for in their forgetfulness, the blindness and the fog keeps them blinded to all the  beauty that daily surrounds them. Thus, the Children of Men can destroy and  pillage the land; for indeed their only thoughts are of the acquisition of the material things of life that are  available upon the Earth. They see not the beauty of the skies or the oceans, or even the wonderful colors that are painted each day in nature. All thoughts center only on the distractions of the Earth, and  they see not, neither do they recognize the true bounty of Mother Father God.

Open your eyes, we say O Sons and Daughters of Mankind, and see and taste the beauty that is Mother Earth! Open your eyes which are the windows to your very soul, and see and know the  blessings and riches of God. Remember that these gifts are given to you to show you the great depths to which you are loved by God. Given, to show you the greatness of the Earth, and the true abundance that is her treasure and her prize, given to the Sons of Men who see and know not the  blessings and are indeed blinded to all the glory and the goodness which is indeed the blessing of Mother Father God.... Until you open your eyes and see and know how greatly  you are loved, you cannot fully appreciate the love that is given to you daily because you  see it not. All that is of worth in the eyes of men, are the things of of the physical world, to which a price has been affixed. For, if you could see this beauty, surely you would stand in awe and amazement and sing the praises of Mother Nature each and every day!