Use not the name of God to justify the slaying of your brethren and say, "We kill in the name of God," for this cannot be so, for the name of God supports only LOVE, not hate or WAR. Know ye not that that the name  and nature of God should only be used when in reference to love, peace, sharing, and caring? For to use it with reference to war is to go against the things of God, and to poison the hearts of men.For in so doing, you poison their hearts and they die within their hearts. For you will never know the true peace, love, and joy of God, when you carry and teach war, pain vengeance and hate of others. Let go of the poison, and find the sweet nectar of peace, love, and happiness, and drink in this glorious food and thrive!

From : Beyond The Light is the Love of God by Lorna Gallimore