Know in your soul that  God is all there is, and that the only thing that matters is love. Once this truth has been understood and accepted, man can finally move on to know the true reason for the time spent on Earth. It is for naught, but to help man discover and remember his true nature, and to continue to develop to find his way back to the love of God. A love that never  wavers, a love that is never ending, and one that is truly able to surpass all things and to be shown forever in the way man is being protected by Angels from his own powers; protected so that he does not destroy himself, or each other; and so that he can realize his true potential and the magnificence of his soul and its destiny, whilst the incarnation of his spirit on Earth has occurred.  

Man  can never  fully know, understand, or remember his true divinity: For he would not be able to understand it, but suffice it to say, he will be able to advance enough if he can remember to love all souls, and to love all of God's creations, and respect their rights to live and coexist upon the Earth.                                                                                                          FROM: BEYOND THE LIGHT IS THE LOVEOF GOD by Lorna Gallimore