See the World with one heart and mind Dear Ones and you will come to know the true light and love of God, which is possible upon the earth. See no more the differences, but see instead those things that can serve to unify thee. For this is your rescue your peace, and your joy.

Know the true happiness that can be  thine, when you see and know once more all the true  gifts of God that were  given to the Sons of Men eons ago when you were created in the mind of God.

Be love, show love , and love , Dear Ones, and remember your true nature for these are the  ways of God, which will bring you joy, peace and abundance always. Return to the book and  know there is only one story and that is the story of the love of God for humanity. Be at peace  Dear Ones,  and know that the love of God is thine  always, so let not the human mind lead thee astray and lead thee to forget who you are, for you are the Sons and Daughters of God,  regardless of what your human mind will tell you. Open your hearts to your brethren, and know you are ONE, united in the peace, love  and joy of God always.                                                                   FROM: BEYOND THE LIGHT IS THE LOVE OF GOD             by Lorna Gallimore