Know Dear Ones you are  the joy of God, the happiness, the peace, the love, and the hope of God. Go therefore into the world, Dear Ones, and proclaim the news of the great goodness of  God and his bounty and benevolence: for such is your hope, such is your life, and such is your bounty. Know indeed, Dear Ones that you are eternally blessed and ever held in the arms of God. Be you happy to know that the love of God will never leave thee, but will be with thee always, for this is your joy, your peace, and your blessings Dear Ones.

Let none lead thee astray, and say you are forgotten of God, for this is foolish talk. Let none say you are not chosen of God, for they speak with idle lips! Know indeed, Dear Ones, that  deep within your soul, you know the truth of your being and the depths of your relationship with Mother Father God. For even so are you always in the arms and the hands of God.      From: BEYOND THE LIGHT IS THE LOVE OF GOD By Lorna Gallimore