There has always  been evidence of the love that is within the DNA of the soul, shown in evidence in the actions of men, even in the darkest of times. For indeed, Dear Ones, man cannot go anywhere where God is not, and his actions, however cruel and unjust to his fellow man, can never cause him to lose the love of God: for once given, it is thine always. Once the soul is formed, the essence, at the core of its  construction, cannot be removed, for the soul of man and the soul or essence of God is pure love. Thus, we say, that man in the physical form is only accessing a small portion of the soul, of who and what he is. Only a small essence of the entire soul is seen in evidence upon the Earth, and thus, this small essence-- evidenced in isolation-- cannot be fully understood by man. For it is at the  core of the  soul, but may not be seen in evidence upon the Earth.

FROM : Beyond  the Light is the Love of God  by Lorna Gallimore