The love of God for mankind is shown in many different ways each and every day throughout the lifespan of man.For indeed, it is that man knows not of his own connection to Mother  Father God; yet even in this state of abject forgetfulness, he still feels deep within himself that there must be more to the physical life than can be daily seen or imagined. Thus, he searches for that which will give him purpose for being upon the Earth, and allow him to know that his presence upon the shores of this great planet has made a difference. Know indeed, Dear Ones, that in truth, man searches in an effort to understand his world, and to find meaning for why  things are the way that they are...Man knows not why or how he knows that ( for it must be understood) but for some innate yet unknown reason, he searches throughout his lifetime for that thing that will give him reason for being, and help him to understand why he is here upon the Earth.Know indeed, Dear One, he is bereft of reasoning or understanding, yet he continues this prolonged search for that which he somehow knows will help to bring him peace. This search, though long and tiring for some, is shorter for others; for it seems that  some find that inner light and truth, that helps them to understand and know the very reason for their sojourn here upon the Earth. For lo, like a thief that cometh even in the night, even so comes this  knowledge from whence he knows not..but it is able to fill him with that great, inner peace that tells his soul that the prize for which he has searched so diligently is even now at hand...  Page 336-337: BEYOND THE LIGHT IS THE LOVE OF GOD