We see and know that while man has free choice, if he chooses to remain in the depths of despair, and to be lost in the world in spite of all the Angel Band's efforts to help and guide him, during a particular incarnation, know that even so must it be. For while We (Spirit) weep at the loss of a soul, we must nevertheless allow man to make his choices, and do that which he was programmed to do: MAKE CHOICES, and know the joys of free will. He must know the ability to choose his way in the world, and if the results of these choices are negative, despite the attempts made to help and guide him and return him to the path. Even so must it be, for man is a co-creator of his own destiny, and must be allowed to choose his own way, and his very experiences upon the Earth. Know Dear Ones, that the heart of God if such we may  describe it, bleeds for man: When in choosing, he leaves the path and brings more pain upon himself or his brother. For these are the times that  try men's souls and indeed the soul of God.For like a loving parent watching helplessly as the child runs into danger,even so is the heart of God in much pain when the Sons and daughters of man are drifting into darkness and  wandering in the desert of despair: Unable to find their way back to Mother Father God, and unable to remember who they are... FROM page 146  BEYOND THE LIGHT IS THE LOVE OF GOD BY Lorna Gallimore