GOD IS LOVE. GOD IS NOT PAIN or HATE, or FEAR or RETRIBUTION God is LOVE...a love  so profound that it burns to the very core and beingness of God. A love that causes him to suffer when a heart is broken, or pain is endured by his children. Look on and know, Sweet Children,that you are the heart of God, the very heart and soul in the bosom of God. If such a  thing existed and could be touched by the hand, you would find it full of nothing but love. A love so strong defies all-knowing and a love so fierce that it defies all understanding. For that  love which emanates from God, is put there and has been there since the dawn of time... and  will remain there until the end of time. A bond which cannot be broken exists, but the only  thing that can separate man from the love of God is his own forgetfulness and his inability to remember who he is. Remember your identity and know your truth, O Sons and Daughters of the Most High God. Remember your birthright, and stand up proudly and claim that which was so freely given to you eons ago and continues to be yours free of  charge...                             Page  414- BEYOND THE LIGHT IS THE LOVE OF GOD