Man and God have been the focus for eons. The relationship between the two has been that most treasured of Secrets. For indeed, man has always asked the questions, "Why am I here and what is the purpose?" Not only are these burning questions for the sons of men, but indeed they ask, "Who and what is God?" For indeed these most basic questions are daily upon the lips of men as they travel the highways and byways of life. Finding struggle and strife, they seek to know always the reason for the great struggle upon the earth. For in truth, he wants to know his place in the Universe and his reason for being: the thought and the questions that pertain to the place of man in the hierarchy of God, and the thoughts of his place as a child of the beingness known as God. For, indeed, always the question has been asked why God would love man at all?
For in his lowliest of states, when man, in total forgetfulness, would cause great pain and suffering upon his brother, and commit the most heinous of all crimes against his brethren: The question begs itself, how can a God ever love those who would bring such pain and suffering to his fellow man?
That  man is built to love is lost in this question, for indeed, no focus is seen on love or the thoughts of caring and sharing for anyone, except the self. Know indeed, Dear Ones, that the bond between man and God, being an eternal one, has never been grasped by men for in their wickedness and in their  demonstrations of cruelty to his brethren, man shows no thoughts of God. All is bent and focused on the selfish needs of gain and the will to inflict the desires of one, upon weaker brethren.....