Hear O Children of Men, and understand the changes that will be evident upon the Earth in the years to come. See and know that these changes are for the betterment of humankind and the planet. Know that they must happen if man and the  Earth will survive. Without them, man and the Earth cannot survive as things have been known. There must be a shift in consciousness for man to save the  earth and himself. Hear, O Children of Men, and see and know all the  wondrous things that await thee. There must be less wars and the world must know peace within its varied borders. There can no longer be this vast separation that currently exists between the Sons of Men considered to be of different creeds. For you all know, you are one brotherhood of souls belonging to God the Father.

All are ONE emanating from from the heart of God, whose creative source brought you into being. Know that the changes must come or the Earth will not be able  to survive. Know that  without the shift in consciousness there can be no change in man, which will be significant enough to bring him into a chapter of the history of God's love for mankind. Man must be able to see and learn and grow at a faster rate spiritually. If he continues on the same path he has been on for eons, then the shadows will creep in and fear will drive man into the  shadows....and he will totally forget who he is , and his divinity. If this happens disaster will ensue and man will be lost to God. Know O Children that the shift in consciousness has  already begun as is evidenced by those who have  been able to touch so many  millions with the 'Word'.Even so, know this must continue if the whole planet is also to hear the word of God, and to fully understand that the changes are a most necessary and important part of the  consciousness development of the  people of Earth. .....BEYOND THE LIGHT IS THE LOVE OF GOD. Page 243.