Without  knowledge or history you wander night and day looking for the vestige of who  and  what you could be. Know indeed your memory keeps you isolated  and  desolate, for you seek the love and companionship that was so familiar to thee when in spirit. Now here on the Earth you are isolated  and alone, for there is none to comfort thee and to provide that love that you so desperately seek, or the reassurance that all is indeed well. Know indeed, Dear One, that  the sojourn  upon the Earth can be a very lonely and  isolating experience,  for once more you are left isolated and  alone. For indeed  that is the thought of men, but know Dear One,  there is no truth in this; for you are never alone, for your Mother Father God would never desert thee-- for you are always loved, guided and  protected.... but your forgetfulness makes you think you are alone. Know Dear One, this is not so, for you are always held and loved by God. Know that while you search faithfully for that which you think is lost, know that there is  nothing that God would not do or provide for thee, for you are Sons and Daughters of God. Know indeed, Dear One, that the love, peace and grace of God are thine forever, and that you  possess these gifts, even though your awareness of these truths are dimmed. Know indeed that the love, peace, joy and happiness you seek are always made available and are always  thine, for you are the "Lamb of God" (The innocent yet wonderful lamb, which is carried and  gently caressed by Mother Father God in his arms at all times.) You are cradled, loved and carried all the days of your life, even though you would forget these truths.... BEYOND THE LIGHT IS THE LOVE OF GOD 343