The love of God is that great peace which covers the Earth, and brings sweet peace to the hearts and minds of men. It is the very blanket  that covers thee on a cold night, keeping out the frost  and cold. It warms the body and keeps the soul in perfect happiness and peace. Know Dear Ones, that this love that can keep thee warm, is that which the body craves. For, like the blanket that covers and keeps thee warm, even so does the love of God cover thee, protect thee, and keep thee safe.

Know Dear Ones, that it allows you to know the sweet peace and bliss of repose (tranquility) without cares or worry. For deep within the soul of man lives the knowledge of the power of the love of God. Know Dear Ones that with this blanket comes the security that all is well and that the soul of man is protected; just as the  blanket protects the body from the cold. Know  that  though the storms of life may come, naught can penetrate the blanket, for it keeps thee secure and it keeps thee dry and warm. Even so  does the love of God keep the Children of Men safe and secure in the  arms of God. In truth it keeps them safe and allows them to rest in sweet repose, without fear or worry, for it can quiet the troubled mind and keep thee safe in all storms that persist in life. This is the way  of  survival upon the earth, for it allows the heart of man to fly while tethered to the ground For indeed, the soul of man, whilst here on Earth, forgets how to fly into the heavens once more and so like a man clothed in armor, he is unable to fly. With the love of God, he finds the wings of the morning once more and can soar into the heavens; for such is the nature of the love of God: For it calls upon the souls to fly like the  Angels they are, and cast off the weight and  chains of the Earth in favor of the golden wings of the  soul.... Page 286, BEYOND THE LIGHT IS THE LOVE OF GOD