Know indeed Dear Ones  that the love which is God does not ridicule. It  does not envy. It  does not hate. It is not greedy but shares with his brethren. Know indeed, that this love can be  found anytime, as it is within. For with or without this knowledge of all the things of God (that God never closes any doors and his mission is perfect) in that it will allow man to be and to do those things which will make the  Sons of Men more aware of their heritage as brothers  and  sisters in God. For to love God is to love self, and to know God is to know self; for man and  God are one, in that man is made from the spark and beingness of God.

Know therefore, Dear Ones, that the love and light of God, which is evident in the heart of man, is ever shining. Thus, man can and will come to know all of that which is truly God; for if he opens his heart, the love of God will pour into it  and man will then see and know that he, of self has changed. For the nature and beingness of God can and will allow man to change and to come to know who and what he truly is, for in this way, all the parts of God will and must  shine forth. For the ways of God are evident in the hearts of men, even though man may not recognize it as such; for since God is at the core of the beingness of man, then man must  come to acknowledge and know that which is God.

That man may not be able to give it a name and call it God is not important, Dear  One  for what is truly of importance is that the heart  and soul of man should be changed by  the very  experience of God For in truth, man may know God in his heart and express God in all his ways, and still not know that he is expressing that  which is God: For the human mind conceives of God as a powerful, vengeful God, who destroys and kills enemies or anyone that  would go against them in battle, or in life. Thus, they fail to know and fully  comprehend that  which is the  true nature  and beingness of God. For since there is no place where God is not, and there is nothing that is not known by God, man cannot yet comprehend the vastness or the complexity of such a being.....Page 228- BEYOND THE LIGHT IS THE LOVE OF GOD