Only within the heart of man is there ever  punishment, for the human mind cannot conceive of a loving and forgiving father  who would not chastise his sons and daughters. Know indeed Dear  Ones, you must cast off this belief of lack, limitation, pain and punishment and  come to know the love, peace, joy and true happiness, which is truly the love of God. Release the fear from your hearts, and come to know the light and love of God that lives within you and is part of God itself.

Be not alarmed, but know that  God is spirit first, last , and always,  and you cannot ascribe human emotions to God....for God is Spirit, and in no way  feels  anger or pain,or the need  to punish his children.For indeed he is a God of love ,whose only purpose is to love, guide, and protect his children. Be happy to know that the only pain in the lives of men comes from the pain of man and his agony  and  failure to understand the ways of God, and not from God. Page 211. Beyond the Light is the  Love of God.