Learning  and growing in lesson upon the earth is a task of man. When undertaken , it can be  a most dangerous mission, for indeed the forgetfulness is so complete that man knows not  who he is is or the reason for his stay upon the Earth. He looks for reasons, and is lost amid the distractions of the physical world. Thus he forgets his journey and spends his time in the pursuit of worldly pleasures. He is lost and  alone...and desolate, he believes. He cries out in despair, and believes there is none to hear his cry or to answer his plea for help.  Know Dear Ones  there are  Angels all around thee willing and  wanting to help thee to find the way  through the  darkness and despair, if you will but  remember your heritage, and your origin,  and  call upon the name of your parent for help. Help will come to thee when you call, Dear Ones. Know that you are never alone, and are  always guided, if you would but listen to the  voice of God, which speaks to thee from within your soul. Remember  Dear Ones you are  the  joy, and hope of God and are eternally loved and adored.

From:  BEYOND THE LIGHT IS THE LOVE OF GOD by  Lorna Gallimore