Birds and leaves ask not why the winds blow but accept and know that it is available for them; for they use its strength to survive in the world. Know indeed, Dear Ones, even so can the Sons of Men use the love of God to navigate effortlessly through the valleys and peaks of life. For it is constant, and and it is always available for thee. Know indeed, all that the birds need to fly is  given to them. All that they need to take flight is provided, and the wind allows them to move  and to travel with ease upon their backs. For it is within the nature of man to take on the mantle,  and to accept the love and grace of God: and know that  all will be provided for mankind. Let  not your heart be troubled, but know like the wind that is always there, even so is the love of God always made available for the  Sons of Men.                                                 From page 168....  BEYOND THE LIGHT IS THE LOVE OF GOD . by Lorna Gallimore