Know Dear Ones that the Sons of Men who search in vain come never to know the very nature of man is also that part of God. Thus, in abject fear, man travels  and travels, ever searching for that  which he thinks has been lost. Know indeed that  all your gifts are given at birth, etched into the very fabric of your DNA. How then, Dear Ones  can you imagine  that you are not loved and adored  by Mother Father God? For this is indeed the essence of who and what your nature would suggest. Know, Dear Ones, that the love of God for mankind never wanes, never decreases, but remains constant throughout your days upon the Earth and beyond: for you cannot loose the love of God like a  toy or trinket. It cannot be misplaced, for it is given and remains with thee throughout time. Know Dear Ones that the wonder which is man is special in the very eyes of God, and none can take his place in the heart and love of God, for he is special in the eyes and love of God.  

From Page 331: BEYOND THE LIGHT IS THE LOVE OF GOD by Lorna Gallimore