Know  Dear Ones, that the pain of the great separation from Mother Father God, has taught man to live selfish and pain-filled lives. Without thought for his brothers, he seeks only to bring himself the satisfaction of life, and thus the pain and cruelty is imposed on others, for he sees not the light and love of the Mother Father God in his eyes. He sees, instead, only the desires of his own heart, and thus he is lost; unable to find the true peace and love of God in himself, or in his brethren. Know Dear Ones, that the peace of God will guide thee home, for it is this great peace that will bring you the joys so richly deserved. Know Dear Ones, that the nature of God  will echo in the hearts of men, if he is to be changed, and to seek the peace and love of God that lives within him. Know Sweet Ones, that the pain and the suffering imposed on those who do not see the light of God's love cannot be continued. For we must love our brethren, and do all that is right and acceptable for him: Caring for those  who cannot care for themselves, and following the teachings of our dear brother Jesus which explains so fully that ye must indeed be your brother's keeper:These are the ways of the Mother Father God...For in loving your brother, you show your love for God. This great love, which lives deep in the hearts of men, can and will bring him from the depths of despair, to the light of God's love.