You enter  the  great classroom, which is the earth-plane, and take on physical form that you might truly come to know the many  pains of and joys of the human condition and from these great  experiences grow as spiritual beings. Thus Dear Ones, when you falter along the  way , your parent will not scold  thee, for you are learning the ways of life, and thus no scolding is necessary: For in order to grow,you must experience many things over many lifetimes.Thus, now in the great classroom which is life, it is now time to turn the page of a great book and see where you will go with the next stage of your learning. Know that for eons, Dear Ones, you have toiled and struggled in ignorance, killing and maiming your brethren, for you knew not that you were one in God; even though many prophets have been sent to remind you of these truths. Yet still, you continue to rob the weak and to harm your brothers and sisters, for you  remember not who they are.You have forgotten the kinship and the love you shared and  would kill them willingly upon the Earth. Now is the time to stand and look to the future and determine whither you will go and what you will do, for indeed your choices abound. Will you turn and cease, or will you continue along this path that can lead to naught but destruction? The  time is upon you to choose Dear Ones...For the love which is God will continue to be with you whatever you choose. For you are  children in the classroom of life and must choose your path... From BEYOND THE LIGHT IS THE LOVE OF GOD by Lorna Gallimore