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Arise O Sons of Men and know that God is in His heaven and all is right with the world. For indeed, the times and thoughts of Men upon the Earth even now begins to change. For this is the time for the changes spoken of and written about for millennia, when mankind would begin to change its course. For indeed we say, for far too long, mankind has been a warring vicious race who have toiled and labored ceaselessly to deliver nothing but war, pain, and strife to the Earth. Look we say at all that has transpired upon the Earth, and come to see and know that only pain and sadness has resulted for many, who have seen no joy, no love, no peace. Even so we say, it is time for the changes spoken of by the ancients to come into being and to echo the season of change upon the Earth. Look we say to see the beginnings of peace, for no more are the children crying for war and violence. For indeed even now the cries are heard calling for love, peace, and joy to become evident upon the Earth instead of the cries for war and the shedding of blood of the Children of God.

See the change in the hearts of the Sons of Men for even now they grow weary of pain and death around them. Even as the warmongers would echo a rallying cry for vengeance in the name of God. Stop we say O Sons of Men and look to the joys of peace. For the women and children cry out for mercy, and for love to be evident upon the Earth for the days and times for war, hate, pain, and anger are past. Today is the beginning of the rest of your new tomorrows beloveds when Man must release the old teachings of hate and fear and pain which has kept thee in chains to death, and violence, as the way of all things upon the Earth. Know we say, the way of life is love, the path of life is joy, and the bliss of life is peace O Sons of Men. For, the new dawn is here, and Man has come to realize that war and pain and hate brings naught but more pain and anger and hate. The children cry out for mercy for they see all around them only grief, pain, and fear and there is none to offer comfort or solace, for all is war, all is greed, all is pain, all is suffering, and the Sons of Men can see naught but the rage, anger, and pain, that comes to remind them that they are lost upon the Earth. Look we say to a new day and dawn beloveds when Man can work with His brethren in near and far places, to come together in peace, love, and harmony that all will know the love, peace, and joy of God whilst here upon the Earth.

Be not alarmed and say, this cannot be, for indeed we say it must be if mankind is to change its ways and come out of the darkness and fear that has kept you bound for millennia. Look to a new dawn and a new day when love can be seen as the way forward for all the Sons of Men. Let go of greed, pain, fear, and all thoughts of war, that you can finally see and know that love, peace, and joy are evident even now upon the Earth, and can grow as it is even so nurtured by all as the way forward. For, without love, mankind will perish and be lost and gone from the Earth which will bring naught but great pain to the very heart and soul of God. For even so we say, there is enough pain and hate upon the Earth and now it is time for a new song to be sung that will echo and reverberate among the Sons of Men and cause them to remember the truth of their beingness and origin as Children of God. 

Let your hearts be filled with love beloveds and release the pain you have carried, for so long that your eyes can be opened and you can see that other paths abound and many other options can help to bring mankind out of the pit of hate, fear, and war, and come to see and know days of peace, love, joy and laughter once more. The Children of the world cry out for peace and love and joy, and their voices echo in unison that the time for love peace and joy is even now here. Be ever in harmony we say beloveds and know that peace is the way forward, and joy and love are at the heart and soul of God and even so of mankind. For, you are all Children of God loved eternally by God who ever surrounds you with the love of His very heart, soul, and beingness.

Release all the anger and thoughts of war that you might come to see and know a new day upon the Earth where love and brotherhood joy and peace are the only thoughts coming forth from the lips of men. Be at peace and be one with your brethren even as your hearts cry out to God to save you from the perils of the world, and to know that the love which is God even now calls thee to stop the violence and open your minds and hearts to thoughts only of peace, that you might be ever in joy, love, and prosperity upon the Earth. Remember always beloveds you carry God within your hearts and your body is the Temple of God and live accordingly in peace and harmony with those around you that you might come to know and live as one Brotherhood of Humanity where hate, war, and violence, are cast away as ancient beliefs and actions for they serve no purpose except to bring pain to the Sons of Men.

Arise beloveds and welcome, and new dawn upon the Earth that all will know once more that the Sons and Daughters of God are alive and well upon the Earth. Be ever in joy and live in harmony with your brethren for you are all ONE. All part of the heart and soul of the God of love, who loves thee unconditionally now and forever. Let the Blessed of God say Amen and let the joys of God be seen upon the Earth now and forever.

The Loving and ever benevolent Sons of Men are the joys of God now and forever, and all is and can be right with the world.

The Brotherhood of White Light


Only Man has devised ways to ascribe emotions and actions to God that are not of God! Know we say, God has no need for wealth or palaces, yet Man would ascribe these things as ways to show the magnificence of God and ways to worship God. Know we say, God has no need for things that adorn or would glorify your thoughts of God.

Know we say, when you show LOVE, you demonstrate the actions of LOVE and caring and thus you do show your LOVE for God. When you open your your hearts to those in need, who walk the earth in search of food and shelter, thus do you glorify God and pay homage to the true nature of God! For God asks not to be worshipped nor for you to rob the poor in order to give baubles and trinkets to God. For these things are not required by God. All that is required is that with love, peace, joy and compassion in your hearts, you take care of your brethren and you  give to those in need. For in giving, you are showing love for God. For in Loving, you show love for God. These are the only things God would have you do to truly demonstrate your love for God.                      

The Brotherhood of Light


Man  contrives various kinds of torture to punish his brethren for non-compliance with the  rules he has established. Even so, there are rules he believes that describe the pain and torture for his failure to follow the rules he has imagined are given by God. Man judges and punishes, and then turns to do these things in the name of God in order to legitimize the behavior. For in saying it is the will of God, no blame is exacted for inhumane punishments conceived in the mind of man. Thus begins the pain of man, and the great belief that he must win favor with God...and the thoughts of his great unworthiness are placed in the hearts of men. Know indeed Dear Ones, that they know not the true nature of God and would thus ascribe all manner of things to the nature of God, which indeed are in no way things of God. Know, Dear Ones, that the love which is God, was frequently not known or recognized in those days; for in truth, God was established only as the vengeful and punishing God who would destroy his children when they strayed from the path. For in truth, they saw God as quick to judge and to punish his children.  Know Dear Ones, that this view of God has been (and was never)the true picture of God For indeed, we say that God is ONLY PURE LOVE. (No thoughts ever of bringing pain and suffering upon his beloved children, has ever been in the mind of God.) 




Know that the  love of God for mankind is  daily seen in all the  blessings heaped upon mankind.This great gift is seen in  all  the magnificence and splendor of the joys of nature. For indeed,  since the Children of Men are the chosen of God it is indeed right that these treasured blessings are given to them. Know Dear  Ones that the  Children of Men see not these  blessings for they walk the Earth with eyes cast downward and thus they daily miss the magnificence of the sunrise and the sunsets, they see not the  beauty of the rose or the trees that bow in majesty as they pass by, for in their forgetfulness, the blindness and the fog keeps them blinded to all the  beauty that daily surrounds them. Thus, the Children of Men can destroy and  pillage the land; for indeed their only thoughts are of the acquisition of the material things of life that are  available upon the Earth. They see not the beauty of the skies or the oceans, or even the wonderful colors that are painted each day in nature. All thoughts center only on the distractions of the Earth, and  they see not, neither do they recognize the true bounty of Mother Father God.

Open your eyes, we say O Sons and Daughters of Mankind, and see and taste the beauty that is Mother Earth! Open your eyes which are the windows to your very soul, and see and know the  blessings and riches of God. Remember that these gifts are given to you to show you the great depths to which you are loved by God. Given, to show you the greatness of the Earth, and the true abundance that is her treasure and her prize, given to the Sons of Men who see and know not the  blessings and are indeed blinded to all the glory and the goodness which is indeed the blessing of Mother Father God.... Until you open your eyes and see and know how greatly  you are loved, you cannot fully appreciate the love that is given to you daily because you  see it not. All that is of worth in the eyes of men, are the things of of the physical world, to which a price has been affixed. For, if you could see this beauty, surely you would stand in awe and amazement and sing the praises of Mother Nature each and every day!  



Be at peace, Dear Ones, and know always that God's love is thine since the dawn of time, and will remain with thee throughout all ages. Be not discouraged and say, "I am cast down for I have  sinned."  For in truth, the love of God knows not the word 'sin,' for God is a loving God and thus no punishment is exacted, as is conceived by the Children of Men to punish the Sons of Men. Only the mind of man would conjure up such notions, Dear Ones, and would envision thee in damnation and hellfire.... for this is not the way of God. This is not the way of a loving, caring, and  benevolent God, who daily provides for his Sons and Daughters. Know Dear Ones, you are guided, loved, and adored, all the days of your lives; for you are the beloved Sons and Daughters of God. You are ever present in the heart of God, and never absent from His love. For though your forgetfulness would make you believe you are alone and lost without hope, know indeed, Dear Ones, that you are always held and loved in the bosom of God: For you are his children, loved unconditionally since the dawn of time. Be at peace and know you daily rest in the shade of God's love, and are cradled in the arms of love. Pure love: A love that is of the deepest and most unfathomable kind which has no limits. Be happy to know Dear Ones that your Mother Father  God is the one and only God, the ruler of the Universe, God of all that exists. Such is the nature of your Mother Father God, so know that even as you are the children, you possess the heart and  love of God....



See the World with one heart and mind Dear Ones and you will come to know the true light and love of God, which is possible upon the earth. See no more the differences, but see instead those things that can serve to unify thee. For this is your rescue your peace, and your joy.

Know the true happiness that can be  thine, when you see and know once more all the true  gifts of God that were  given to the Sons of Men eons ago when you were created in the mind of God.

Be love, show love , and love , Dear Ones, and remember your true nature for these are the  ways of God, which will bring you joy, peace and abundance always. Return to the book and  know there is only one story and that is the story of the love of God for humanity. Be at peace  Dear Ones,  and know that the love of God is thine  always, so let not the human mind lead thee astray and lead thee to forget who you are, for you are the Sons and Daughters of God,  regardless of what your human mind will tell you. Open your hearts to your brethren, and know you are ONE, united in the peace, love  and joy of God always.                                                                   FROM: BEYOND THE LIGHT IS THE LOVE OF GOD             by Lorna Gallimore



Use not the name of God to justify the slaying of your brethren and say, "We kill in the name of God," for this cannot be so, for the name of God supports only LOVE, not hate or WAR. Know ye not that that the name  and nature of God should only be used when in reference to love, peace, sharing, and caring? For to use it with reference to war is to go against the things of God, and to poison the hearts of men.For in so doing, you poison their hearts and they die within their hearts. For you will never know the true peace, love, and joy of God, when you carry and teach war, pain vengeance and hate of others. Let go of the poison, and find the sweet nectar of peace, love, and happiness, and drink in this glorious food and thrive!

From : Beyond The Light is the Love of God by Lorna Gallimore


The plight of man has been the pain in the heart of God--if such we can describe it-- for indeed it is known that God, being spirit has no heart. Know we use these terms to explain concepts in their simplest form, that you might grasp the essence of that which is being described. Know therefore, Dear Ones, that the love of God for mankind is that thing which allows him to ever be there to hold, love, and protect the Sons of Men. For indeed there are moments when the Sons of Men need to be protected from self. For without this protection, they would gladly  destroy themselves. Know Dear Ones  that the  Earth offers for mankind that ever blooming garden of free will. For this is what allows for much of the pain of man to become evident in the world. For indeed we know that man has  been given the opportunity to make choices and to determine his own destiny. Thus it is seen  when man makes choices to harm self or others, and naught can be done to save him from himself....

FROM:  Beyond the Light is the  Love of God by Lorna Gallimore