Beyond the Light is the Love of God

“Beyond the Light is the Love of God” – The Knowledge Given to Lorna Gallimore through the Love and Devotion of the Brotherhood of Light is available now. You can order the book now.


About the Author


Born in Jamaica and educated in England, Lorna Gallimore was an educator for more than thirty years but has now retired so she can focus on her life's mission to share the messages of God's love for humanity. She taught students with disabilities for many years and says, “Some of my greatest life lessons were those taught to me by my students.” Lorna has been communicating/channeling  Spirit for more than thirty years, and her spirit- guides identified themselves as the Brotherhood of Light.  In 2010 this angelic group informed her that she had asked God how she could serve humanity, and that they were here to assist her with her mission to bring the messages of God’s love to humanity. Lorna is currently  working on the second book in the series of messages from the  Brotherhood of Light. 


If you have questions about the essence and nature of God, then the answers you seek may be found in this book. Here you will find the truth of God’s love for you, and learn that God is only—and always was—a God of love.

You are invited to let go of the notion of a punishing, vengeful God, and instead discover the loving, benevolent God that loves you unconditionally. If you are searching for answers, this book will help to transform your thoughts and change your views. You will learn how precious you are and come to understand the beauty and majesty that is truly who and what you are. This book reminds and reacquaints you with the divinity within yourself.

A must if you are searching for God. It is free of doctrine, and the knowledge contained within it was given to the author by an angelic group known as the Brotherhood of Light. The pages are filled with love, and they invite you to remember that you bear the divine spark of God and are eternally loved by God.



What people are saying about the book...

Be love, show love, for that is your charge.” I picked up this book last summer and I have gotten more in touch with my compassion and love for the people around me. Beyond The Light Is The Love of God is filled with wisdom and positive messages. I recommend that you read this book by opening to a random page. I have found that rather than going in chronological order, I just open to a page and read a message I can apply to my day and current situation, immediately.”
— Carolina, Amazon Reader

Wonderfully inspirational! Lorna has created a divine piece of work that is truly inspired by God. I was absolutely captivated by the authentic essence of love that permeates every word, every sentence, every part of this book!
— Cappy, Amazon Reader